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Franchise Enquiry

Franchise Enquiry

With a legacy in the field of online distance education, the name ‘ISBM’ is synonymous with quality, trust and success. Therefore, owning a ISBM learning centre is a remarkable experience. One major reason governing this success is humble effort to deliver quality in terms of both, education to its students and support to its franchisee.

ISBM is most trusted leader in terms of recognition and credibility; both within the industry and amongst the students to achieve their smart goals. When you join hands with the leader you will be exposed to rewarding opportunities.

What all we provide to our franchisee?

  • Strength of brand recognition
  • Success of our operating systems
  • Extensive advertising, PR, local and online marketing and other support programmes.
  • Help you identify best location where you can take up our education franchisee in India and aid you in design and construction as well. Also helps to recruit right team and train them for excellent performance.
  • Our support mechanism and online systems ensure A-Z of centre management, so you are updated with what is happening and what needs your attention.

We at ISBM believe that together we can stretch the limits of what is possible. With our proven business model and USP such as 100% job assurance, study loans, franchisee first support, we can together establish a head start for you and create a strong market share in minimal time.

For more details contact Mr. Ramesh Seth +91 9109984627 or simply fill in the form alongside and we will get back to you.


Start upManpower Support

You never have to worry about anyone leaving. Because they don’t. Our regular training programs keep everyone engaged and constantly motivated to learn and grow more… Everyday...




Start up Advertising & Marketing

With the launch of your centre our franchise support system helps you to spread strong awareness in your locality through Advertising & Local Marketing, PR and Online Marketing that will help you continuously to grow your business..




Start up100 % Hassle Free Operations

Our support mechanism and online systems ensure A-Z of centre management, so you are updated with what is happening and what needs your attention.




Start upStart up

We help you identify the best location when you take up our education franchise in India, and aid you in the design and construction of your centre. We also help to recruit the right team members and train them for peak performance.

Make Careers, Make Profit

Dignified and Honorable Business Opportunity

We are seeking partners in Australia, New Zealand, France, United Kingdom, United States of America, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Asian and Middle-east cities. We provide startup, manpower and marketing support to ensure your operations are 100% hassle free. For more details please write to us at [email protected] / [email protected]


Why Sign Up:

  • Ease of Operations: We have a quick 60-day launch plan and promise hassle-free operations along with complete start-up support
  • ISBM Support: We always prioritize, providing advertising promotional and operational support throughout
  • Industry Commitment: Established and connected with deep-rooted industry networks
  • World-class Training:  We assist with faculty, marketing and placement training
  • Industry Relevant Courses: Our courses are coherent to make students job ready
  • Networking: We organize regular Franchise meets for idea exchange and brainstorming
  • Steady Income: The most profitable business model
  • Rewarding Investment: Up-to 40% ROI

1. What is the profile of an ISBM Franchisee?

  • Professionals with 2-3 years of experience in the Education industry.
  • Graduates with a passion to work in education business.

2. What are the responsibilities of a Franchisee?

As a ISBM franchisee you will be responsible for the following:

  • Investment to set up the training centre as per the specifications of ISBM.
  • Manage and operate the centre on a daily basis.
  • Follow standard operations procedure and conduct training as per ISBM Guidelines.
  • Create good student word of mouth by offering good quality training and good placements
  • Generate business through multiple marketing activities in local area.

3. Will I be trained to run a ISBM Franchisee?

Yes, we will provide training on A-Z of education business. We provide all support for marketing, branding, technology, training, recruitment and other support required for day to day operations.

4. What kind of technical training I will receive as a Franchisee?

Training for your faculty members will be given in order to enable them to conduct the batches. Also training programs for up skilling the technical team are conducted from time to time.

5. Can I own more than one Franchisee?

Yes, depending upon your performance you can open another ISBM franchise in any location.

6. How do I start a ISBM Franchise?

The following are the steps for starting a ISBM franchisee in your city,

  • Fill an application form along with all required documents
  • First meeting at Head Office
  • Visit one centre to understand the business
  • Sign an MOU

7. Who will build my centre? Can i use my existing centre?

We will help you build your centre, you can use your existing setup provided it is as per ISBM’s specifications.

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