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Masters in Public Health
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Masters in Public Health

A Master's in Public Health is for those who are interested in getting associated with the public health system of the country and to contribute significantly to the society through this system. MPH is a professional program that is designed to prepare students to perform leadership roles in the area of public health. It provides the students with a basic knowledge and skill in various aspects of public health such as behavioral science, social studies, administration of healthcare service, environmental sciences, epidemiology and bio-statistics.

  Code :    MPH
First Semester (6 Months)

Subjects :
  • Introduction to Principles of Epidemiology
  • Essential Medical Biostatistics
  • Health Policy
  • Introduction to Health Economics
Second Semester (6 Months)

Subjects :
  • Managing Health Services
  • Environmental Health
  • Health Behavior & Health Education
  • Health Care Evaluation
Third Semester (6 Months)

Subjects :
  • Qualitative Methods for Health Research
  • Research Project

Pre-Requisites Duration
Bachelor's degree in any Health Science discipline from a recognized university with a minimum of 50 % marks in aggregate. Regular:18 Months

ISBM Course Fees

For Indian Students
With Book :  55900 INR
For Foriegn Students
With Book :  3000 USD
Examination :    Online : 2 Hrs
Home : 20 Days
Centre Based : 3 Hrs ( Per Paper)
Note: Tax rates as applicable.


This page is an electronic version of the application form. Filling and submitting this form will navigate to an online payment process/page. If you don't wish to do an online payment, you are requested to download the form, fill it and send it to your nearest ISBM center.

Academic Details 1

Examination taken (Please list in chronological order including examinations with results pending)

Degree :
Name of the Institution / College / School :
Exam Month :
Exam Year :
Subjects / Specialization :
Results / Grades / Percentage :

Academic Details 2

Degree :
Name of the Institution / College / School :
Exam Month :
Exam Year :
Subjects / Specialization :
Results / Grades / Percentage :

I certify that all information provided in this application proforma is complete and accurate. I agree to familiarize myself with all the rules and regulations of the program set forth by ISBM and abide by them. I would uplift the standards and respect the principles of ISBM as an organization of higher learning.

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