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Executive Master of Business Administration is a part time course designed so that individuals can understand their competencies to perform in an organization. Executives who have been already working somewhere can apply for EMBA. Working professionals have a good knowledge about managing tasks at the business front. 

Enrolling for EMBA with ISBM University the candidate can enhance his skills by gaining both practical as well as theoretical knowledge. Students can also quit the form or continue further if they wish to. The entire study material will be provided by the institute.

Pre-Requisites Duration
Graduation + 3 Year Work Experience Regular: 18 Months

Course Fees

For Indian Students
With Book :  77400 INR


* Offered by ISBM University


All this is achieved through a well-crafted set of curricular and extra-curricular activities, delivered by a mix of experts from academia and industry through semester system. The program enables students to achieve following objectives:

  • An ability to analyze, evaluate, strategize and implement.
  • Presentation and Business Communication skills.
  • Understand the latest technologies with hands-on experience.
  • Gain In-depth knowledge of various functional areas.
  • Gain practical business experience Interpersonal and multicultural teamwork competency.


This page is an electronic version of the application form. Filling and submitting this form will navigate to an online payment process/page. If you don't wish to do an online payment, you are requested to download the form, fill it and send it to your nearest ISBM center.

Academic Details 1

Examination taken (Please list in chronological order including examinations with results pending)

Degree :
Name of the Institution / College / School :
Exam Month :
Exam Year :
Subjects / Specialization :
Results / Grades / Percentage :

Academic Details 2

Degree :
Name of the Institution / College / School :
Exam Month :
Exam Year :
Subjects / Specialization :
Results / Grades / Percentage :

I certify that all information provided in this application proforma is complete and accurate. I agree to familiarize myself with all the rules and regulations of the program set forth by ISBM and abide by them. I would uplift the standards and respect the principles of ISBM as an organization of higher learning.

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