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ISBM joins hands with Intercell for students Virtual Career Mentoring Programme. You no longer have to run aimlessly to seek help from seniors to tell you how they did it; you no longer have to search Google to find answers for growth and success in your career field. With the help of technology and networking, ISBM & Intercell have managed to build a platform that will empower you to make better decisions in your career. We have introduced a solution as an attempt to bridge the gap between education and student progress. We have joined hands with Intercell to provide a platform where you can reach out to leading professionals who have experienced tough times in the past and conquered them to success. Hence, this is the time for you to get the right direction from the bright minds. The mentor you choose can help you in many ways. You can interact with them in a one-to-one 'Virtual Session' right from your computer or mobile screens. We are looking forward to your active participation in our new move actively and encourage the process.

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