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CMI Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership
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CMI Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership

CMI Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership

  Code :    CMISML
A 9 month Programme with full support from expert UK Management Professionals via Worcester Higher Education Institute (HEI) through the specialist Worcester Higher Education Institute (HEI) online learning portal.

1. Strategic Marketing and a detailed study of
  • How the marketing plan should support the strategic objectives
  • Identifying component parts of the marketing plan along with any issues of risk
  • How to construct a marketing plan and identifying the importance of each part
  • Investigating mitigation strategies for high risk components of the plan
  • Producing a marketing plan
  • How to gain agreement for the plan
  • How to promote the plan in support of the organisational strategy
  • Providing an evaluation and review measure for the agreed plan
2. Strategic Organisational Direction and a detailed study of
  • Reviewing and determining the organisational strategic aims and objectives
  • Evaluating the component parts of a strategic plan
  • Analysing the factors that may impact upon the strategic plan
  • Identify and analyse the current strategic position with a structured evaluation
  • Review and assess the expectations of all organisational stakeholders
  • Determine and evaluate strategic options for a revised strategic position
  • Determine and justify the strategic option that meets the new strategic direction
3. Strategic Organisational Change and a detailed study of
  • Evaluating change implementation models to support the strategic changes
  • Applying analytical tools in monitoring the progress of change and its effects
  • Identifying and assessing measurement techniques to ensure change is complete
  • Applying strategies to minimise the adverse effects of change
  • Undertaking an evaluation of the processes involved in the change
  • Presenting your findings of the change analysis

Pre-Requisites Duration
Graduate / Diploma Holder with work experienced. 9 month

Fees :  Rs.104900
Examination :    Online
Note: Tax rates as applicable.


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